About Me

My name is Jordan, and I’m a life-long gamer.

Many of my earliest memories involve sitting too close to the TV with an NES controller in my hands as I’d fight my way through the levels in Super Mario Bros., Tetris, and StarTropics.

I later graduated to Genesis, then N64, then GameCube, finally discovered the world of PC gaming, and then at long last, became a certifiable PlayStation fan with the latter 3 of Sony‘s 4 glorious consoles.

My gaming credentials and tastes are both storied and varied. I’m not the type of gamer who cares to constantly check out the latest and greatest, so there’s tons of popular stuff I’ve never even played, but I also don’t stick to one platform or genre; whether old or new, whether strategic or action-packed, I like to try my hand at a little of everything.

Later in life, I’ve also studied video game design and development at a post-secondary level, so it’s fair to say I take the hobby more seriously than just a mere pastime.

It’s by no means my whole life, though. Truth be told, my first love really is cinema. Indeed, I graduated from Toronto Film School with an honors degree in film production.

In retrospect, it seems obvious that my passions for filmmaking and gaming would inevitably collide. CURSE YOU…Jordan! was the eventual product of that pairing: my weekly YouTube show in which I sit down with a game I’ve loved growing up with and play through it step-by-step, giving the most in-depth commentary as I can regarding the best strategies, techniques and secrets I’ve learned over the years.

I do, however, also have a thirst for writing, and that brings us to this very blog. While my YouTube series lets me approach gaming from an instructional angle, it’s not quite the appropriate format for me to sink my teeth into some of my deeper thoughts on gaming at large. And while I’ve produced a few vlogs on the channel as well with some of my more rambling off-the-cuff musings, the written word is where I tend to express myself best.

As such, I’m starting this blog as an outlet to explore certain ideas that might be banging around in my head. I don’t necessarily have a particular format in mind; some posts may be in a longer essay form, while others might resemble a brief journal entry.

I imagine this will typically stick to gaming, though it may branch off down the road into other interests of mine as well. I don’t have a road-map for any of this, nor do I want one; I’m just going to start writing and see where it leads.

I feel as though much of what I want to get out is fairly abstract, so I’m not sure how well it will translate, but I’ll do my best. It may end up being somewhat esoteric, but I hope you the reader can enjoy some element of it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far. I’m looking forward to wherever this goes.


Jordan currently resides in Ontario, Canada with his massive collection of movies, video games, and his cat, Navi.